Cleaning Up Debt Issues With the Right Tools

November 24, 2020 By admin

Debt. The word that sends shivers down our spines and aggravates us to no end. During the late 20th century, the economy was doing well and excess credit was easy to get, and now people

People don’t always realize they have a debt issue and they may end up looking for a loan from a place like Columbia Bank Woodbridge to help them consolidate. Is that a good idea? How can you deal with the issues more readily? Here are some red flags to consider when looking at debt.

  • Am I paying more than the minimum? Not everyone does, and that can be problematic because you’re just going to keep rotating out your debt.
  • You never use cash or debit. Yes, you have plenty of money, but you take that credit card out anyway. That may mean that you’re dealing with a lot more debt than may be necessary
  • You try to excuse away your debt by justifying the amount. What does “only a little bit of debt” mean? If you don’t even know, that’s not good. You may have more than you realize.
  • You have nothing set aside in your savings. Being too far in debt can kill any savings you have.
  • “I can’t afford that!” when it comes to necessities. If you have a health care issue or your car breaks down, and you can’t pay for it, that can be a debt issue.  
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If you recognize any of these behaviors, you may have a debt issue. There are other things that could also hint at a problem, but these ones are the most prominent. If these sound like you, you may want to seek out a debt counselor or work out how to find a consolidation loan that works for your purposes.